Generator bushings

Our generator bushings cover the voltage range up to 36 kV and the current range up to 50 kA. They have capacitive control and RIP (resin impregnated paper) insulation. These bushings are available for natural cooling, directional gas cooling and water cooling, as are various terminal configurations.

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Transformer bushings

Our transformer bushings with silicone composite insulator  for oil-insulated transformers cover the voltage range of 12 … 52 kV and the current range from 630 … 3150 A.

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Insulator housing without conductor

For quick replacement of porcelain bushings according to EN50180 (DIN42532, DIN 42533, DIN 42534)

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SIDI-ECO-Transformator Hochstrom-Durchführungen

Our high current bushings with silicone composite insulator   for oil insulated transformers cover the voltage range from 12 … 36kV and the current range of 4000 … 25’000 A.

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Special bushings

For special requirements and use.

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Features of SERD products

Individual engineering for perfect application

SERD has been known for individual solutions for years. Where special requirements come into play, we can exploit our potential. We always find the right way to realize the optimal solution for our customers.

Whether oil, gas, resin, porcelain or silicones, we know the standards, we calculate what is possible, and we guarantee SERD quality: 100% reliability.

Technical Advantages

⦁ Current ranges:
⦁ 630 … 3150 A for voltages up to 52 kV
⦁ 5000 … 8000 A for voltages up to 36 kV
⦁ 12.5 … 25 kA for voltages up to 36 kV
⦁ Creepage distance 35 mm/kV
⦁ Current transformer extension according to customer requirements
⦁ Flange design according to customer requirements
⦁ Different connection variants
⦁ Tinned or silver-plated terminals
⦁ Connection terminals